Directions and FAQs for retailers


Project cornerstones [ torna al menu ]

EASY TO USE No need to have specific expertise

CONCEPT Sustainability and respect for the environment

DESIGN Natural, textured, contemporary


INNOVATION Low environmental impact

TRADITION Inspired by ancient building materials



Intrigue customers with a good description [ torna al menu ]

La Terra Cruda® is a mixture that allows the construction of all-natural objects that air-dry (do not require cooking).

It is a tactile experience.

It offers everyone the opportunity to create a "green" object, combining ethics and aesthetics with the principles of sustainability.

Raw Earth (terra cruda) is an ancient building material.

It is mined from underground: it is composed of natural aggregates.
For years, raw earth buildings have been constructed from the same essence as the local soil.



Small Garden Box is constructed of recycled materials and is reusable.

Compact, aesthetically inviting packages ideal for those who appreciate natural materials and the purity of their essence.

Small Garden Box La Terra Cruda® includes a path of material exploration that culminates in a little new life.


What's in it for the customer? [ torna al menu ]

Help the environment by limiting the use of plastic

Every year, 500 million plastic planting pots are produced from scratch.

Even today, it is almost impossible to buy a plant without implicitly acquiring a plastic container.

Make a pot of the shape and size you are looking for

Self-producing pots is the solution to most of the problems of plant parents.
  • Plants grow fast and new pots are needed.
  • Large pots are often hard to come by.
  • Buying ready-made pots does not guarantee complete satisfaction in terms of shape and size: often you make do with what you find.
  • La Terra Cruda makes it possible to build pots of any shape and size from a container that serves as a mold.

Involves the 5 senses

Sight: the wabi sabi texture of the vessel.
Touch: the poetry of the creative process.
Smell: the scent of aromatic plants.
Taste: the flavor of homegrown spices.
Hearing: the playlist of La Terra Cruda®.

In the Small Garden Box is a QR code with the Shopify La Terra Cruda playlist to listen to while making the pot.

Instructions for constructing the pot [ torna al menu ]


Pour the mixture into a container. Add a little water at a time and knead until the loaf is firm, not too moist and well bound.

  • On a work table;
  • on a spacious cutting board;
  • on a large plate;
  • in a mixing bowl.



Line the inside of a small bowl with paper towels. Carefully spread the straw along the entire inside area of the bowl.

Apply a layer of dough to the straw by pressing lightly on the walls of the bowl.

Leave the top edges thicker than the rest and level them well.


The right consistency is that of a firm, malleable lump.

If it seems difficult to handle because it crumbles and is dry, add a little water and tamp it down if necessary.

If the loaf seems muddy and very wet, sprinkle the surface of the loaf with mixture. Gradually add more mixture as needed.


Repeat the same steps for the other half of the pot and create a hole in it of at least 6 to 8 cm at the bottom.
It is very important to do this while the form is still inside the bowl.


Turn the shapes over with a firm but gentle motion on a work surface. Remove the paper towels and let them partially dry.
To make sure they are not completely dry, simply scrape them gently.


Now glue the two parts together using a semiliquid slurry composed of water and mixture. Sprinkle the edge of the lower base with the semiliquid mixture and glue the upper part.
Rework the joints and walls of the pot with the same semiliquid paste.



The edge of each hemisphere should be thick and level.
Moisten the edge of the bottom hemisphere before patting in the raw earth and water mixture.
Use scissors to trim the edges, tick off the straw strands, and remove small pieces of dough.


Your pot will be dry after about an hour and a half, then, you can fill it with good potting soil and plant your seedling.

How to clean after making the pot? [ torna al menu ]

  • Let the mixture residue dry.
  • Recycle the blotting paper from the counterform to gather mixture and straw.
  • Put The Raw Earth and straw back in the bag.
  • Clean countertops and utensils with soap and water.


Why does it contain straw? [ torna al menu ]

Straw is the structure of the pot.

A natural resource that can replace some actions that humans perform on plants in agriculture.

It protects plants from scorching heat, frost and temperature changes.
It keeps the soil hydrated longer.
It prevents many pests from proliferating and penetrating from the soil to the leaves.
La Terra Cruda project is inspired by the theories of philosopher and biologist Masanobu Fukuoka, author of "One-Straw Revolution".

Read more: "Who was Fukuoka?"

What makes these vases unique? [ torna al menu ]

  • It does not pollute.
  • It is composed only of natural materials.
  • It is durable.
  • It air dries (no need to use artificial energy for cooking).
  • It keeps the soil hydrated longer.
  • It is breathable, allowing an exchange of air and moisture between inside and outside.
  • Pots can be made in the desired size, depending on the size of the plant to be buried.
  • It resists frost, heat and weather, so it is ideal for indoor and outdoor use.
  • La Terra Cruda®️ pot can be reused countless times.
  • It reduces water waste.

Why is it a pot that breathes??

Inside the walls of the pot, moisture accumulates.
When the potting soil dries, the pot releases the moisture to the inside.

Likewise, if there is too much water in the pot, the walls absorb some of it, retaining it or releasing it outward as needed.


Small Garden Box is a gardening experience in a box [ torna al menu ]

Compact, aesthetically inviting packages ideal for those who appreciate natural materials and the purity of their essence.

Gift idea: Gifting an experience is the new frontier of the traditional package with a bow.

Small Garden Box by La Terra Cruda® includes a journey of material exploration that culminates in the generation of a little new life.

It starts with the construction of the box-a pleasurable tactile process that brings back ancestral gestures such as manipulating, kneading, shaping.

The materials are natural: water, straw and La Terra Cruda® blend.

The pot is then filled with potting soil and planting takes place.
It becomes, then, a scene of wonder.

Small Garden Box Seeds

Bolivian Rainbow (pepper)


Colorful vases: what you need to know? [ torna al menu ]

All La Terra Cruda vases are Made in Italy and handmade, numbered and signed.
The vases are colored exclusively with natural pigments.


Frequently asked questions from retailers [ torna al menu ]

Do you sell color pigments in addition to the mixture?
Pigments are not for sale, but we are working on it.

Some customers do not understand the value of the product and feel the prices are high. How do I convince them that the product is worth that price?

  • La Terra Cruda blend is the result of elaborate research by Monica Bispo.
  • It is not just a set of aggregates, but a mix balanced in such a way that it never melts, can withstand under snow, frost and water, and does not alter the environment in any way.
  • The pots are handmade, one by one. They are unique pieces of ecodesign, made in Italy. They are made to last.
  • They represent the new frontier of natural cultivation. A method, which if widespread, could replace plastic pots or other pots that have polluting materials or production processes.
  • A pot made with La Terra Cruda has great decorative power.
  • La Terra Cruda pots make it possible to water less often and manage plants with peace of mind.

Is there a possibility of getting the colored mix? is the colored mix for sale?
Not yet, we are working on it.

In addition to the tutorials, are there online courses taught by Monica for pot building?
We are working to provide our dealers with accurate and comprehensive videos and online courses.